Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Achieve Card: Reloading prepaid card with Green Dot MoneyPak

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Established in 2008, Achieve Card has raised the purchase-and-pay system to the next level. Without the need to carry cash or write on a check, the card has created a digitalized system of money transfer that enables customers to spend their money the most convenient and most efficient way.

The card’s money reloading process is as easy as buying an item at the grocery store. In partnership with Green Dot, the card can be reloaded through MoneyPak, a secure digital reloading system that can be purchased at any participating retailer including Walmart, Kmart, Fred Meyer, and 7-Eleven. MoneyPak is priced at only $4.95 and no additional fees are charged when depositing money to the Achieve Card.

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MoneyPak lets customers enjoy the benefits of the card without the need of a credit card or a bank account. Money in the wallet converted to an AchieveCard account could become a powerful purchasing tool to thousands of online stores including eBay and Amazon.

At most retailers, MoneyPack can be deposited with an amount between $20 and $500. At Walmart, it can go as far as $1,100. At the checkout registry of any participating store, customers can find the Green Dot section where MoneyPak can be purchased.

From Achieve Card

F or more details on how to use MoneyPak in loading your Achieve Card, visit

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